Wage Garnishment Attorney in Salt Lake City

When you have multiple debts that you can’t readily pay, the best plan of action is to act early, talk to creditors, request a payment arrangement and stick to it. Otherwise, if debts go unpaid and ignored, the creditors may bring these matters to court — and you may end up with a judgment requiring your employer to garnish your wages.

If you reside in Salt Lake City, prevent wage garnishments by filing for bankruptcy. Our lawyers are ready to review your case and determine if bankruptcy is suitable for you.

File for Bankruptcy to Prevent Wage Garnishments

Once a court order is filed to garnish your wages, your employer will start withholding a portion of your paycheck and sending that money to the court. The court then forwards a check to your creditors as your loan repayment. If your salary is the only thing that’s keeping you afloat, then paycheck deductions can lead you to a larger pile of debt.

Before you end up with a court judgment requiring wage garnishment, file for bankruptcy. As soon as you file, the court will order an automatic stay — an injunction that prevents creditors from executingany collection activities, such as wage garnishments.

Talk to Debt Relief Counsel to Regain Financial Control

Filing for bankruptcy doesn’t only stop the financial bleeding; it creates an opportunity for you to reorganize your finances. Our lawyers will guide you throughout the filing process, from submitting the necessary paperwork to assisting you in court appearances.

As a debt-relief agency, the Law Office of Davis & Jones, P.C., will help you file for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code. And our lawyers will help consolidate your debts into a single repayment plan that is reasonable for you.

We can help you prevent wage garnishment and give youa chance to start over, financially. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation.